V-3000 vehicle electronic control system simulation training network Features: ? teachers of all students, "one on one teaching," so that more students access to professional visual equipment ? avoid abstract explanations, students quickly understand the complexity of the structure and principles of automotive ? online upgrade feature, the entire system can be upgraded anytime a new simulation models containing tens of thousands ? circuit, and a large car technical information ? English Dictionary containing the car, practical teaching function Teaching terminal main functions : Measured function   Dynamic fault code reading ? ? read data stream to determine the point of failure ? intuitive, comprehensive diagnosis car trouble   Analog functions ? simulated car failure detection process analog decoders ? ? analog sensors, actuators working condition   Assessment monitoring Real-time monitoring of student teachers ? steps to correct the improper operation of the students for the weak points to strengthen the training ? ? easy assessment   Teaching terminal decoder key features : ? equipment is not altered, any terminal is a powerful decoder. ? decoder system can achieve all the online upgrade ? teaching simulation mode to test Volkswagen, Nissan, General Motors, as many as 50 kinds of Chery cars ? set aside six test points, measuring various types of sensor signals.